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Hello Retirement ®

A financial planning system

Hello Retirement!
If it's here or right around the corner for you, lets talk.

If you are considering retirement you are in good company. Approximately 3.5 million Americans retire every year. That’s nearly 10,000 people per day.1 According to one study: “Although 61 percent of Boomers fear outliving their money in retirement more than death, nearly one in three (31 percent) say they are not too clear about what their expenses will be in retirement and 36 percent have no idea if their income will last.”2


We want to help you clear up some of that uncertainty.


With his decades of experience working with pre retirees and retirees Kevin Bourke, author of the book Make Your Money Last a Lifetime ®is in the right place to help you reach your retirement goals.


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Questions Arise

Questions arise such as:

  • How much can I afford to spend?

  • Can I afford to help my children financially?

  • How can I find a good financial advisor?

  • How much risk should I take with my money?

  • How can I be certain my heirs receive my assets?


We can help you answer these and other questions that commonly arise.

  1. This conclusion based on the fact that about 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 daily

  2. A study conducted by financial services firm Allianz of 3,200 baby boomers. https://www.allianzlife.com/~/media/files/allianz/documents/reclaiming-the-future/rtf_6_17_2010.pdf

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