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Bourke Wealth Management 2018 Scholarship Award goes to Chad Williams

By Kevin Bourke

August 22, 2018

Chad is the recipient of the 2018 Bourke Wealth Management Scholarship award administered by the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, kindly sent us the following letter. Congratulations, Chad! We look forward to hearing more as you progress toward your goal. We wholeheartedly agree that this is a wonderful career.

Good luck!

Dear Bourke Wealth Management Scholarship Fund, I have often considered the role of education in discovering and following one’s career path. While this is a question that is by no means to solve, it is institutions and individuals such as yourself that give me the ability to explore this inquiry. I am incredibly thankful for your generosity toward myself and others, and your emphasis on the financial planning career track. I have always found it elusive to find careers which focus on altruistic pursuits. This is especially true with respect to the financial and accounting fields, where I have had moments of disheartenment due to the negative perception of these fields. On multiple occasions, my peers have expressed concern about these fields on the basis that they are unethical. However, opportunities such as the CFP program demonstrate that this perception is not accurate. There is much work that can be done in applying the skills of finance and communication to improve the well-being of others. I do hope that you continue to promote this program; I believe that many people my age could find it to be a fulfilling option for work. Thank you dearly for this scholarship. Know that you all are making a very good case in showing the good this career has to offer. With gratitude, Chad Williams


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